What Does One Size Plus mean?

Chose one size plus if you are over 6ft tall and over 250+ pounds  

How long is shipping?

Shipping takes 1-2 weeks depending on your location. We'll try our best to get your SafeVest Body Armor to you as soon as possible.

What carrier does SafeVest™ use to ship?

We use FEDEX INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY  for fast shipping services 

Why should I order from SafeVest™?

SafeVest tactical gear provides safety and security, while still remaining inexpensive and boasting the cheapest and most competitive prices on the market.

Are there any shipping costs?

SafeVest takes its commitment to remain the most inexpensive tactical gear vendor seriously, therefore, we provide FREE Shipping on every order.

What level of protection is this?

SafeVest is rated level 3A.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, we do!

What's the refund policy?

If you have any problems with the SafeVest contact us first on Instagram @safe_vest or Click the contact us button on the website and we will help you!

What does one size fits all mean?

No matter how big, how small, how tall, or how short you are, SafeVest Body Armor will fit you snugly and comfortably due to our 4 adjustable straps. If you are over 250 pounds and over 6ft tall get the one size plus.