SafeVest Body Armor Bulletproof Backpack Level 3A
SafeVest Body Armor Bulletproof Backpack Level 3A - Safevest

SafeVest Body Armor Bulletproof Backpack Level 3A

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Why own a bulletproof Backpack 

The greatest benefit of purchasing safevest bulletproof backpack is for “Peace of Mind.” Though no parent should ever wish that their child will ever need to use such a product, many customers emphasize it is always better to be safe than sorry.



Level iiia Protection
SafeVest bulletproof Backpack  reliably defends against all common handgun rounds including .357, 9mm, 45acp, all the way up to .44 magnum. Level iiia protection even protects the wearer from shotgun rounds including 00 buckshot, 12 ga slugs, and even submachine gun rounds. 


 Best Bulletproof Backpack 

Safevest design for this bulletproof backpack was to make it look modern and comfortable for all day travel. The amount of storage our backpack holds is unbelievable, it can hold 1 week worth of clothes and pair of shoes and some food. Safevest wanted to make the best bulletproof backpack in the world!

Reasons To Own A Bulletproof Backpack 

There are several reasons why an individual might want to own a bulletproof backpack. These reasons can include:

  • Personal safety: In today's world, threats of violence and terrorism are always present. A bulletproof backpack can provide an extra layer of protection for an individual, especially in public places such as schools, malls, and public transportation.

  • Professional requirements: Some professions, such as law enforcement and security, may require individuals to carry specialized equipment, including bulletproof gear. In these cases, a bulletproof backpack can be a convenient and effective way to transport this equipment.

  • Peace of mind: Even in situations where the likelihood of encountering a violent threat is relatively low, having a bulletproof backpack can provide an individual with a sense of security and peace of mind. This can be especially important for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children.

Overall, owning a bulletproof backpack can provide an individual with an added level of protection and security in potentially dangerous situations. It can also give them peace of mind and help them to feel prepared and ready to face any challenges that may come their way.