Best Cheap Bulletproof Vest Under $300

Bulletproof vests are increasingly becoming a necessity of many people across the world. Terrorism has become a threat in all countries, as opposed to some decades ago when it was believed to only exist in a few countries. Unfortunate incidences of mass shootings in public places and schools have become rampant, and many parents are growing weary of sending their children to schools. Since they have no choice, many are opting to equip them with bulletproof vests and other kinds of body armor. 

SafeVest Level 3A Body is the most cheapest and most reliable 3A body armor out there in the world! Safevest 3A concealed vest is the most cheapest vest there is in the market for only $279 with free worldwide shipping! Safevest 3A vest is made out of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene making it only weight only 5.5 pounds!

Safevest 3A body armor stops a whole bunch of pistol calibers 

  • 22LR
  • 380
  • 9mm
  • 40s&w
  • 45acp
  • 357 magnum
  • 44Mag 
  • 50AE
  • 454Casull
  • 10mm 

Order safevest 3A vest (here

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